Monday, May 11, 2015

Evolution of my cycling through the years

So, since I've been procrastinating on writing something on my blogs, here's a small comparison on my cycling patterns through the years. Essentially, until 2014, I cycled only for transportation, and since I started at Google, decided to explore cycling as a sport.

Bordeaux, 2011

A few rides around town, but mostly cycling between home and work. Only 100 km that year.

Heatmap over Bordeaux. Click to enlarge.

Derby, 2012

Only rides between home and the gym (and occasional trips to the shops in the city centre). That longer ride was when I picked up my bike from my friend's home. According to Strava, I've done around 331 km in Derby.
Heatmap over Derby. Click to enlarge.

Newcastle, 2013

Again, only rides between home, work and shops. Only 196 km.
Heatmap over Newcastle upon Tyne. Click to enlarge.

Zürich, 2014/2015

Got 2 road-bikes (instead of my commuter in France, and the foldable bike I had in Newcastle), and decided to start exploring the country, as well as surrounding countries. 5947 km so far, and with some luck I'll go over 10k km this year. :-D
Heatmap over Switzerland. Click to enlarge.

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